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Hair Extensions in Orange County, Westchester County and Dutchess County

Looking for bold extensions that accent your personal style that won’t break the bank? Patty's Hair Garden is a hair salon specializing in a wide-variety of life-like and human-hair extensions. From bold natural hair styles to vivid hues, Patty's Hair Garden has the beautiful extensions you need at prices you won’t believe—with the most experienced team in Orange County, Westchester County and Dutchess County to seamlessly apply them.

Locs Extensions

Embrace natural hair with dreadlocks-style extensions. Loc extensions can transform a frizzy fro into a bold and dramatic style overnight—no need to spend years teasing and growing that hair out! Locs bring a natural youthful energy to anybody, and Patty's Hair Garden’s expert loc extension applications make maintaining this style effortless.

Applying loc extensions can be the best way to get starter locks. Skip the awkward growing pains and jump right into a more confident look.

Crochet Braids Extensions

Real human hair extensions are taken to the next level with expertly crocheted braids. In just a few short hours, we’ll transform your look from dull to dazzling. Crochet braids must be done by an expert for maximum effect. Human or synthetic extensions are woven into your natural hair, which is put into cornrows. We use a crochet hook to delicately weave your natural hair without breakages or frizz.

With over 20 years creating beautiful protective hairstyles for natural hair, Patty's Hair Garden is the perfect choice in Orange County, Westchester County and Dutchess County for the stunning looks crocheted braids can bring.


Want to move towards a traditional protective hairstyle that respects the beauty of your natural Black hair, but not ready for the big chop? Cornrow extensions are a good way to ease your way into a protective hairstyle that doesn’t take a lot of maintenance. Choose this style to skip the awkward transition into embracing your natural hair with beautiful cornrow extensions—for less!

Extension Braiding

Dramatic braids and sophisticated styles are easy to get in the Orange County, Westchester County and Dutchess County area with a visit to Patty's Hair Garden. We provide all sorts of extension braiding at amazing rates. Switch to a look that’ll make you feel proud of your natural Black hair today!

20 Years of Hair Extension Experience

More and more Black Americans are realizing the strength and beauty of their natural hair and moving away from damaging chemical relaxers and other treatments that cause breakages, frizzy flyaways, and loose ends. Stop chemically stressing your hair out and regain the strength and dignity of your roots.

Patty's Hair Garden is run and founded by Patty Henriques, an expert with 20 years of experience in cosmetology, who is inspired by the natural strength and beauty of Black hair.

Put your trust in someone that knows the unique needs and strengths of natural hair. From aftercare to extension braiding to transitional styles helping you establish a natural look, Patty's Hair Garden is the top choice in the Orange County, Westchester County and Dutchess County area for those looking to fully embrace their heritage.

With certification from the NYS Division of Licensing Services in providing cosmetology services and a lifetime of working with and caring for Black hair, Patty's Hair Garden is the best place to come to for beautiful and healthy-looking extensions. Call today to book an appointment!

Patty's Hair Garden Hair Coloring

Contact our professional salon color technicians for more tips and a detailed consultation prior to your appointment.

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